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Cleaning and getting rid of odour of the fridge

1. Unplug Fridge from the power source
2. Remove all the trays and removable attachments from the fridge.
3. Wash them with water and soap.
4. Clean inside of fridge with a cloth dipped in warm water and liquid soap.
5. Clean stubborn stain with baking soda.
6. Clean the drip tray which is located under .... Read More

Posted By : MISTRYME
Posted On : 2017-02-06

Choosing the right sand for conustructing your dream house

Sand, also termed as fine aggregate, is an essential constituent in construction as it acts as filler that occupies bulk volume in mortars and fills up voids between coarse aggregate particles in concrete. Based on its fineness sand is classified as fine, medium and coarse sand. Coarse sand is suitable for concrete, medium sand suits.... Read More

Posted By : MISTRYME
Posted On : 2017-02-06

Choosing bricks for building your dream house

Bricks are the building blocks of your home. You should be very careful while choosing them and should not only consider price but the quality should be your focus while negotiating with different brick vendors as penny saved here might cause you to lose a big fortune later on.
Now you must be thinking that how can we know the q.... Read More

Posted By : MISTRYME
Posted On : 2017-02-06

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